Our Purpose

VMLRA shall support state wide muzzle loading firearms shooting activities and promote a higher standard of sportsmanship, ethical hunting, safety, and good fellowship among those who participate in this sport. The principle purposes for which this association is organized are as follows:

  • To provide a non-profit recreational club, for the mutual assistance, enjoyment, entertainment and improvement of its members, socially and physically, by encouraging them in participation in the recreational activity of the muzzle loading sports.
  • To stimulate interest in the sport and art of all muzzle loading firearm activities.
  • To disseminate knowledge regarding the sport and art of all muzzle loading firearms.
  • To guide enthusists to suitable facilities for the recreational use of muzzle loading firearms.
  • To advocate with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries the promotion and preservation of muzzle loading hunting seasons... NEW - see link to petition below


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When you join VMLRA you will receive the 2014 Edition of the
VMLRA Virginia Match Schedule and Club Listing
Printed in booklet format, this publication is a complete catalog listing of Virginia black powder shooting clubs
and dates of matches and locations.
(An invaluable annual resource to blackpowder enthusiasts!)


Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve Virginia's great and rich heritage in muzzle loading firearms. This is best accomplished by actively supporting and promoting any person or group in the Commonwealth of Virginia who provides or organizes a muzzle loading sporting event or venue, be it for recreation, hunting activity, education, and/or historical purposes.


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